Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer is nearly over...

So the summer is almost over and I was looking back on the wonderful times we have had.... We didn't do any fancy vacation or anything but I think this was the best summer I've had since having kids. We went to Sea World a lot--got our money's worth out of those season passes!! We had a playdate nearly every week. We did go to the beach for almost a week..but Donnie only came for the weekend part. I was with the girls 24/7 practically. My in laws wanted them once a week and so I would take them there when I had something to do like DEFENSIVE DRIVING!! or cleaning. They would be there for about 5-6 hours.. Both girls enjoyed it! I potty trained Rori--except for the night time... Paiten enjoyed being with her "best friends" all summer. I'm tired and never got to really clean my house this summer...maybe soon. But overall my summer is great. I only hope they get better as the girls are older and are able to do even more fun things!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer goes by way to fast!

So this weekend is one month til school starts up again. I am sooo not looking forward to this!! I am enjoying my summer-unlike years pass where by July I was soo ready for school. But the girls are older and more able to go places and do things they couldn't last year. I dread getting back in to a routine-well a different routine from now! I do love teaching-it is my passion but being off so long makes it hard. I haven't seen my husband very much due to his work being in Houston. I really hope they finish before school starts up. I feel a bit disconnect with him. He came home on Friday and I walked up to him and he said "When you get that shirt?" "Ive had this for awhile..I've worn it before." " Your hair looks lighter you get another highlight job?" "No not since I went to Seymour-when school got out!" I was like -have you ever looked at me in two months--geez. So sad. I just wonder if it will get worse if he has to go to Atlanta, Georgia. Oh the awful thought! Anyway I kind of got off track but its my blog and I can derail if I want!! Are you ready to get back to the grind..or if you don't teach do you wish you did!?

Monday, July 13, 2009

7yrs has it really been that long!!

Today was Donnie and my 7 year Anniversary! WOW! It is so crazy to think that we have made it thus far!! Hopefully with many more happy years to come! He really is my best friend and my rock. Without him my life would be boring and uneventful! He is my sweetheart and means the world to me. Even though he gets on my nerves every hour!!! LOL!

Things that annoy me..

So we have a playdate every week and we usually have great conversations but the other day we had one that bothered me. We were talking about TV shows. I let P watch Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place and Zach and Cody. She is 4 and the other girls we play with are 3. They said they don't let their kids watch "those kind of shows". Therefore saying why the h e double hockey sticks do you let your daughter watch anything but Backyardigans!!! It frustrates me that people want to put their two cents in where I don't need it! I don't see anything wrong with P watching the shows she sees. I have watched several shows with her and they all teach a lesson on being a good honest person. She is a year older than the rest of the lil girls. Maybe they will see a it different next summer. P will always do things before them. The cartoons are really to shall I say "young" for her. she is over the backyardigans. She went through that phase last year. Don't get me wrong she watches Mickey Mouse, Handy Manny and others but she really prefers HM, WWP and ZC.

Why do I let myself get all annoyed with this. I just hate when some people think they are better parents than me. When I know I love and give great care to my beauties. I guess this is part of parenting I need to work on!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Me and just one kiddo!

Today is the day we are going to Sea World with our playdate group. We always go and I always take both girls and do it all by myself! It really isn't a big deal. They are good kiddos! Everyone that is going today only has one kid.

Well Donnie came home last night on a surprise 3 day weekend! So I was take one girl and I take the other to Sea World. He agreed. He took Rori putt putt and Chuck E Cheese. Paiten doesnt know what they are doing but she is super excited about going to Sea World and riding in the stroller! She always has to walk and gets really whiny at the end when we leave. So today is going to be sorta stress free because I only have to make sure one kid is not drowning or running off! I breeze I'd say! I do enjoy having both girls but it is nice to do things individually also. They need time apart..they are always together.

So here is to a special day! Later today my parents are coming in and we are going to the Circus! All in all fun day!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Potty Training is harder the second time around!!!!!!!!

Paiten was so easy to potty train. I got her trained before she was two and full time by 26 months. I was pregnant with Rori and didn't have any other distractions. She was also in daycare with a great helper!

Rori is now going on 28 months and is just starting the training. I've tried at the beginning of summer and she was into it for a few days and then she didn't want to sit on the potty. So we let it go. Well this week I am full force doing this! She did well today but who knows what tomorrow brings! I don't know why it is more difficult this time around. I hope she is trained through the day by the end of summer. I really don't want to buy anymore diapers. So pray for us! She is a stinker and I know she will do it on her own time! I JUST WANT IT NOW!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

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